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Answers to commonly asked questions about the Goodman MBA (ISP).

Please contact our office if you have any specific questions. We would be happy to discuss our program, your background and help you put together a strong application.

MBA (ISP) Program Details

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Eligibility Requirements

Undergraduate Degree Eligibility
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Application Requirements

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Contact Information

Why can’t I use email to get in touch with your office? 

Our office does not use our personal emails to keep in contact with our students. Instead we use the Graduate Portal to answer all of your questions. Not only does this system keep a record of all of our communications with you, but it also is accessible by all members of our staff, ensuring that your question will be answered by the staff member who has the most knowledge and experience about that subject.

As the staff members of our program travel frequently, we often are unable to access our email.  By using you the Portal, you also ensure that your question does not go unanswered because one of us is out of town. Because all staff members have access to the Portal, you are guaranteed an answer from a staff member within a reasonable amount of time.