MBA (ISP) and IMAcc Referral Program

Goodman School of Business

MBA (ISP) and IMAcc Referral Program

We know that you enjoyed your time at Goodman and Brock and we enjoyed having you here. Help us spread the word about our international graduate programs and you could be eligible for a referral fee of $500 per student!

The Goodman School of Business Graduate Programs Office encourages our graduate programs alumni to refer their international friends to our MBA (ISP) and IMAcc programs. If the applicant that you refer is admitted, arrives in Canada on time and pays his or her tuition fees in full, we’ll provide you with a $500 honorarium! It is as simple as that.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to existing contractual obligations, students in mainland China must apply through one of our authorized agents. Applications received through agents are not eligible for this alumni referral program. In other words, it is not possible for you to earn the referral fee on international contacts that you have in mainland China or in any other area where they are applying through an agent.

If you have an international contact who would be a good fit for our programs, you can find the two page referral form here. One page of the form will be submitted by the applicant with their complete application to the Goodman School of Business Graduate Programs Office. A second page of the form will be submitted by you, as the referrer, to Jason Barfoot in our office. Your referrer form requires your SIN (Social Insurance Number) for payment purposes and we appreciate that this information is sensitive. This is why we ask you to send your form separately.

For more information regarding this new initiative please contact us via our communications portal at or contact Jason Barfoot in Taro Hall 433 at ext. 5936. Together, you and Brock can form a great team once again!