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IT Resources

Your Desktop Computer
You are provided with a desktop computer in your office when you arrive.  The default configuration of this computer has been designed to provide you with ample power and flexibility for your academic, administrative and most research endeavors.  The default configuration is provided to you at no cost.  If you feel you need additional computing resources there are a number of options available that you can take advantage of before your system is ordered.  Below are some of the features of the computing enviroment offered:

  • Automatic and continuous backup of all data in the “My Documents” folder of your office PC
  • Email account hosted on Exchange w/Outlook and OWA based access
  • Access to FOB network printers/scanners
  • Sharepoint administrator account
  • Applications (partial list):
    • Microsoft Office 2003 & 2007 (1 license for office desktop, 1 license for home computer or laptop)
    • SAS 
    • SPSS
    • AMOS
    • Lisrel
    • STATA SE
    • EViews
    • @RISK

Remote Access
Many of the applications are available remotely with a high-speed internet connection through CITRIX.  The files stored in your “My Documents” folder are also available remotely through CITRIX or our web application. 

Your Desktop computer is also accessable remotely allowing you to use your computing resources from the comfort of home or abroad.  This remote access is particularly useful for checking in on long running calculations to ensure they complete.

A small sample of the databases available are listed below:

  • WRDS
    • Compustat Global/North America
    • ExecuComp
  • NYSE Trade & Quote (TAQ)
  • CRSP US Stock Database
  • Cansim II
  • Datastream Advance
  • Fundata Canada
  • Mergent Online
  • UNStats
  • Worldscope (via LexisNexis)

For a detailed listing of databases offered through the Library click here.

High Performance Computing
Brock University is a member of the Sharcnet consortium giving you access to world class High Performance Computing!  Contact info.