Academic Misconduct

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Academic Misconduct

There is an expectation that every student will act ethically and with integrity in all academic matters and exhibit behaviours that are in support of the University’s academic values.  These behaviours may include, but are not limited to:

  • Completing one’s own work.
  • Citing the work of others appropriately (giving credit).
  • Participating actively in Group Work situations.
  • Collaborating appropriately.
  • Asking questions to gain clarification.
  • Managing one’s time.
  • Knowing what’s expected of you.

Academic misconduct will not be tolerated and will be penalized. In 2014/15 the following penalties for academic misconduct were assessed:

A total of 45 undergraduate students received academic misconduct penalties during the 2014/2015 school year.
Penalties ranged from receiving partial to full reductions on course assignments and tests, being given a zero grade for the course, and being required to attend sessions related to the misconduct at the Learning Services Centre.

All of these students also had a letter placed on their file to indicate that a misconduct had occurred and so that, should a second misconduct occur, a greater penalty would be given out.

Academic misconducts were given for the following behaviours:

  • Taking copies of a test from the professor’s office
  • Plagiarizing/copying information for group or individual assignments
  • Sharing assignment answers with other students
  • Cheating on tests by using unauthorized materials
  • Claiming class attendance/participation when not there

We would like to remind you that academic integrity includes use of social networks. Please remember that anything you post about yourself or others is public information. Content that is brought to the University’s attention which describes or documents behavior that reasonably suggests breach of University policy is subject to further investigation. The University reserves the right to appropriately respond to these incidents.

Be sure to read the Code of Student Conduct or take the Academic Tutorial.

If you need help with writing and citing, check out the library.

Read further information on the University's policies on Academic Penalties and Academic Integrity.

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