Welcome to Goodman (Next Steps for new students)

Goodman School of Business

Welcome to Goodman (Next Steps for new students)

Congratulations and welcome to Goodman!

As a newly admitted student, you will have many questions about your offer of admission. The information on this page will help you understand your offer of admission and the next steps. 

Admission letter 

Admission letters are issued by the Faculty of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Goodman School of Business. Admission letters are typically available within 2-3 weeks after you have received your emailed notification from Goodman. If you have applied to the MBA, MAcc and MSc programs, your admission letter will uploaded to the my.brocku.ca portal. If you have applied to the MBA (ISP), or IMAcc, then your offer letter will be sent to your mailing address or sent to your agent. 

Accepting your offer of admission 

After receiving your decision letter, you will have 3 weeks to reply to our offer of admission. You can let us know personally via the Graduate Portal  if you accept or decline our offer or visit my.brocku.ca to update your status. 

If you accept our offer of admission and are in the MBA, MAcc, MBA (ISP) or IMAcc program, then you will be required to submit a non-refundable tuition deposit to hold your spot. Details of the tuition deposit will be included in your letter.

Please note that your tuition deposit will not show up as a charge on your financial history: you are able to pay the deposit as soon as you accept our offer of admission.

You can submit your tuition deposit by certified cheque, money order or online banking. 

Certified cheques and money orders should be payable to Brock University and can be mailed to:
Graduate Programs Office
Goodman School of Business
Brock University
500 Glenridge Ave
St. Catharines, ON
L2S 3A1  (Canada)

Online payment of deposits can be done using online banking or Western Union bank transfers. Please refer to the Finance and Administrative Services Office's website for information on online banking and Western Union.

Graduate Portal

You currently have an account in the Graduate Portal as a prospective student. Once you accept our offer of admission, your Graduate Portal account will be converted to that of a current student and you will have direct access to your academic advisor and other current student tools. Once your Graduate Portal account has been changed, you will use your Brock credentials to login. There is no need to create a duplicate portal account until you receive notification that your account has been changed. 

Brock Email 

As a Brock student, all official communications will be sent to your Brock email account. Once you have accepted our offer, please check your Brock email and your personal email regularily as we phase in the use of your Brock account for all communications. 

Goodman Graduate Resource Guide

Want more details? Visit the Goodman Graduate Resource Guide for more information.