Winter Schedule (New Student)

Goodman School of Business

Winter Schedule (New Student)

MSc New Student Course Listing Winter 2014

Please register in the courses listed next to the name of your MSc in Mgmt specialty stream:

Winter 2014 - MSCM 5P02, 5P33, 5N02 + one elective to be determined in consultation with your field advisor

Winter 2014 - MSCM 5P04, 5P43, 5P45, 5N02

Fall 2013 - MSCM 5P01, 5P71, 5P72, 5N01
Winter 2014 - MSCM 5P02, 5P74, 5P77, 5N02

Winter 2014 - MSCM 5P02, 5P65, 5N02 + one elective to be determined in consultation with your field advisor

Winter 2014 - MSCM 5P02, 5N02 + two of MSCM 5P83, 5P84, 5P85

Winter 2014 - Listing of all MSCM courses



Sec Title/
Day Time  Room
MSCM 5P02 01 Research Methodology II
Prof. D. De Clercq
Friday 0930-1230 TA207
MSCM 5P04 01 Empirical Finance II
Prof. S. Lazrak
Monday 0930-1230 TA230
MSCM 5N02 01 Research Seminar II
Various (does not meet every week)
Friday 1230-1400 TA203
MSCM 5P33 01 Advanced Special Topics in Accounting
Prof. Elayan
Monday 0800-1100 TA204
MSCM 5P43  02 Options and Futures
Prof. Ben Omrane 
Wednesday 1100-1400 TA207
MSCM 5P45  02  Advanced Corporate Finance
Prof. Pyo
Thursday 1400-1700 TA207
MSCM 5P65  01 Advances in Strategic Market Management
Prof. Thongpapanl
Monday 1100-1400 TA204
MCSM 5P74 01 Data Mining Techniques and Applications
Prof. Ayanso
Tuesday 1400-1700 TA204
MSCM 5P77 01 Simulation and Business Systems
Prof. Yoogalingam
Thursday 1100-1400 TA204
MCSM 5P83 01

Advances in Entrepreneurship Research
Prof. D. De Clercq

Monday 1400-1700 TA204
MSCM 5P84 01 Advances in Human Resources Theory and Practice
As set by professor    
MSCM 5P85 01 Recent Issues in International Management
Prof. M. Jiang
Thursday 1400-1700 TA204