Student Health Plans

Goodman School of Business

Student Health Plans

Comprehensive Health and Drug Plan

All full-time students are automatically charged a fee for a supplemental health and drug plan. This plan is NOT THE SAME as UHIP. International students are required to have BOTH UHIP and the GSA supplemental health plan.

This plan is administered by the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) as a result of a student referendum held in March 2004. For more detailed information, please visit the GSA website.
The health and drug plan covers the 12-month period every academic year. The GSA health and drug plan will cover 80% of the cost of any prescription drugs that you need. The plan also pays $10 per visit for services like chiropractors, etc. Travel insurance is also included. The supplemental health and drug plan does NOT cover dental visits.
The GSA supplemental health and drug plan is mandatory for all full-time graduate students.
Students who already have comparable health coverage from another source are able to opt-out of the supplemental health plan. To do this, please click here for the opt-out form and submit the completed form to the Graduate Students' Association. A credit to your student account will then be issued.
Students may also choose to opt-into the plan for their families or if they are part-time. Please click here for the opt-in form and submit the completed for the Graduate Students' Association. Check the GSA website for family fee information.
Students who will complete their graduate studies early are still required to pay the entire twelve month fee upfront. These students are eligible to apply for a partial refund once their programs are complete. Such requests should be directed to the Graduate Students' Association.


UHIP (Universal Health Insurance Plan) - International students only

The UHIP plan is mandatory for all Brock students who are not eligible for OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). Effectively, this means that UHIP is required for all international students and all Canadian permanent residents who have been in the country for less than three months.
Teresa Feng will coordinate UHIP enrolment procedures on a student's arrival at Brock University. Once enrolment is complete, the $684 CDN premium (fees may change or be higher with dependents) will be assessed on the student's financial account. The student should check his or her financial account history using the "FinanceHistory" access within the Student Self Service section of Once the fee has been assessed on the account, payment is due at the Financial Services Office on the 12th floor of the Schmon Tower.