Printing Information

Goodman School of Business

Printing Information

Using the printers
There are printers located in the laboratories for use by students enrolled in the course. You will have access to these printers from the Labs as well as through the web.

Please be conscientious of your print jobs, do not send a job to the printer and then walk away with out verifying that your job has not jammed the print queue. If your print job has become stuck in the queue then follow these steps to clear it.
1. Double click printer icon in lower right corner of screen. This will bring up the printer dialog box.
2. Right click on the job you want to clear and select cancel from the list of choices.
3. Try to print your document again.
Your printing account
Each page printed is charged to your printing account at a rate according to the chart below:
  Letter Legal Tabloid

Single - B&W

$0.10 $0.15 $0.20
Duplexed - B&W $0.09 per side $0.14 per side $0.18 per side
Single - Colour $0.20 $0.30 $0.40
Duplexed - Colour $0.19 per side $0.29 per side $0.39 per side
Scanning B&W / Colour No Charge No Charge No Charge
 *Please note not all paper sizes and color printing are available in all areas.
To see the balance in your printing account, you can click on the appropriate icon in the lower right corner of your taskbar.
If you need to add money to your printing account, please visit the Goodman School of Business Graduate Programs Office TA 461 during regular business hours.
Paper for printing
The paper for the printers will be refilled daily.  If the printers are out of paper send email to and the printers will be refilled.