CPA Pathway for Legacy Students

Goodman School of Business

CPA Pathway for Legacy Students

(Students currently enrolled in BAcc Program A)

Brock's proposed BAcc/MAcc CPA Pathway will allow you to complete all the required courses and modules for the CPA designation. Upon graduation from the proposed MAcc CPA Pathway, Goodman BAcc (Stream A) graduates will go directly to the CFE.

Option 1: Complete the Goodman MAcc degree
This proposed pathway will allow you to bypass the Challenge Exams and will include all four CPA elective modules so that you are fully prepared to work in any industry as a professional accountant. Upon completion of the Goodman MAcc degree, you will be qualified to write the Common Final Examination (CFE).

Option 2: Complete the CPA-PEP program
If you are currently in the BAcc degree, you have the opportunity to be “grandfathered” in to the CPA designation by following the pathway below. You can write challenge exams for Core 1 and 2 and for the Assurance and Tax Elective Modules before completing Capstone courses 1 and 2 offered through CPA Canada, leading to the Common Final Examination (CFE).


Proposed pathway for Legacy Students (students currently enrolled in BAcc Program A)

Brock CPA Pathway for Legacy Students


Brock's proposed CPA Pathway for New Students (Students entering the BAcc program September 2014 or later)

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