Service-Learning in Business Courses

Goodman School of Business

Service-Learning in Business Courses

The following courses frequently offer Service-Learning opportunities as an integral part of the course:

Graduate Courses

MACC 5P21: Strategic Cost Management

Human Resources
MBAB 5P56: Recruitment and Selection
MBAB 5P53: Training and Development

Information Systems
MACC 5P51: Information Technology and Systems
MACC 5P53: Database Design and Management

MBAB 5P64: Consumer Behaviour
MBAB 5P69: Integrated Marketing Communications
MBAB 5P62: Marketing Research

Undergraduate Courses

ACTG 3P23: Cost and Managerial Accounting II
ACTG 4P12: Integration and Problem Solving

ENTR 2P91: Entrepreneurship

FNCE 4P03: Financial Analysis

Human Resources
OBHR 2P91: Organizational Behaviour
OBHR 3P97: Human Resource Management
OBHR 3P98: Occupational Health and Safety
OBHR 4P67: Training and Development
OBHR 4P68: Leadership
OBHR 4P69: Recruitment and Selection

Information Systems
ITIS 3P98: Fundamentals of Database Design and Management

MGMT 4P90: Business Strategy

MKTG 2P51: Marketing Basics
MKTG 2P91: Introduction to Marketing
MKTG 3P96: Marketing Research
MKTG 4P23: Marketing Communications
MKTG 4P25: Marketing Strategy
MKTG 4P31: Consumer Behaviour