Service Learning for Students

Goodman School of Business

Service Learning for Students

About Service-Learning in the Goodman School of Business
Service-Learning in the Goodman School of Business is a project-based teaching-learning strategy that connects classroom theory to challenges experienced in the real world.

Facilitated by the Goodman Career Development Office, Service-Learning projects are incorporated into a variety of business courses each year with the support of a dedicated Relationship Manager who works closely with faculty and community partners. 

Benefit to Students:

  • Gain confidence about the material being learned/studied in the classroom
  • Understand the application of course content in real world situations
  • Build your resume through practical and relevant experience
  • Establish and grow your professional network, creating opportunities for future employment
  • Learn about career opportunities in the not-for-profit and small business sectors

Service-Learning Project Experiences

In the Goodman School of Business, Service-Learning focuses on deliverables. Course learning goals for students are translated into strategies, processes, and/or tangible results that small businesses and non-profit organizations need to grow their businesses and serve the community. Some of these include: help with accounting, marketing, human resources, and operations management.

Examples of Past Projects - Students Have…

  • Developed and led training sessions for Boards of Directors or staff teams (OBHR 4P67)
  • Programmed databases (ITIS 3P98, MACC 5P53)
  • Taken a new organization through the process of applying for Charitable Status (ACTG 4P34)
  • Analysed the costs of a program or a promotional event (MACC 5P21)
  • Designed social media campaigns or redesigned a brochure (MKTG 2P51, MKTG 2P91, MKTG 4P25)

Projects vary in scope but they are firmly rooted in the material and learning goals for the course.

Sometimes the projects require students to act as consultants. They meet with the community partner, conduct a needs assessment, and provide a solution. Sometimes the community partners come into the classroom to present their challenge to the students and answer questions.

In a “live” case study (MGMT 4P90), a community partner may come to the class repeatedly throughout the term and provide the students with more information as the case evolves. But no matter how the Service-Learning rolls out, there is always a benefit to both the students and the community partner: a deliverable.

Contact us

Students can find out more about Service-Learning by emailing Gillian at

Service-Learning is only one way to prepare for your career and be ready for the job market. Contact the Goodman Career Development Office or book an appointment through Career Zone.

Brock student

"I recently graduated from Brock and started my career as a sales rep. at a company called Maple Reinders Constructors. Now that I have entered the "real world" it has been fun putting my education to use. I just wanted to say that the "service learning" projects I had the privilege of working on were extremely beneficial. Definitely one piece of my education that translates over to my professional job."

-Kevin Riedstra