Goodman School of Business


Service-Learning is part of how the Goodman School of Business is delivering on its brand promise: Both Sides of the Brain.

Business is about more than just the bottom line. Corporate Social Responsibility can be discussed in a classroom related to many different business subjects. But Social Responsibility is learned in the community. At Goodman, that learning is in the form of “Service-Learning”.

Service-Learning means “learning beyond the classroom”. It involves students learning to apply their knowledge, skills and abilities and classroom theory to actual business problems faced by community partners.

Instead of a traditional term paper, your students can meet with clients from the Niagara area's non-profit organizations or small for-profit businesses to discuss their needs and provide solutions. They deliver business solutions for course credit for work related to the learning goals of the course.

It's a win-win-win. Student report they have more confidence in their grasp of the course materials, as well as relevant work experience for their resumes. Community Partners report increase capacity and the community in general is better served by stronger businesses and community organizations.

The Service-Learning Relationship Manager will work with you to craft project parameters and then recruit community partners.If you would like to incorporate a service-learning project in your class and would like to explore the range of possibilities, please contact Gillian Kemp.