Goodman School of Business Advisory Council

Goodman School of Business

Goodman School of Business Advisory Council


The Advisory Council for the Goodman School of Business at Brock University enhances the relationships between the School of Business and the business community. The Council provides invaluable advice to the Dean and faculty, and helps the School of Business achieve its mission.

Goodman School of Business Advisory Council Members
Mr. David Anyon
Board Director and Consultant
Mr. Mark Arthur
President, Jovian Captial Corporation
Mr. Peter Barr

Dr. Linda Bramble

Wine Educator
Mr. Paul Gibson
Managing Director, True Capital Group
Mr. Scott Hawkes
Vice-President - Corporate Services & General Counsel, Fortis Ontario
Mr. Willy Heidbuechel
Founder, Focus Management Consulting
Dr. Paul House
Executive Chairman, The TDL Group Corp.
Mr. Jim Kozack
Vice-President of Credit Card Marketing and Customer Acquisition, Canadian Tire Financial Services
Mr. Dave Lafleur CPA/CMA
CMA, Chief Financial Officer, Golf Canada
Mr. James MacLellan
Partner, Borden, Ladner Gervais LLP
Mr. Roelof Makken
Principal, Tern Analytics
Mr. Larry G. Maxwell
Investment Advisor, TD Waterhouse
Mr. Mike McGrath
Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Australia
Mr. Robert Neill FCPA
Chair, Management Committee, Durward Jones & Barkwell LLP
Mr. Marty Philp
Managing Director, Kilbride Partners
Mr. Joe Robertson
Chairman, Associated Proteins Inc.
Ms. Deborah Rosati FCPA
Corporate Director
Mr. Jason Sparaga
President, Spara Capital Partners Inc.
Mr. Mark Sturrock
Managing Director, Salus Capital Canada
Mr. Doug Wilkinson FCPA
Partner Deloitte
Mr. John Zoccoli CPA
President, Jamzoc Holdings Ltd., o/a Tim Hortons