• Philosophy

    Christine Daigle, professor, presented the paper "The Call for Authenticity: Beauvoir and Foucault" at the 19th International Conference of the ... Full story
  • Music

    At the annual meeting of the Canadian University Music Society, held June 3 to 5 at Mount Allison University, Brian E. Power ... Full story
  • Philosophy

    Christine Daigle presented the paper "Existentialist Ethics: Transcendence in Sartre and Beauvoir" with Christinia Landry (WLU) at the annual meeting ... Full story
  • Applied Linguistics

    Hedy McGarrell presented the papers "Commenting practices of inexperienced ESL writing teachers" and "ESL students' revisions as a mirror of ... Full story
  • Professor teaches at Russian university

    David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye has become the first non-Russian to teach a spetskurs (short course) at Federal Siberian State ... Full story
  • Applied Linguistics

    Hedy McGarrell presented the paper "Expanding Horizons through experience: Peer feedback" at the CARLA -7th International Conference on Language ... Full story
  • Visual Arts

    Duncan MacDonald, assistant professor, has been busy with artworks featured in several shows in the month of April: Small Feats (... Full story
  • Applied Linguistics

    Thomas S. C. Farrell gave a plenary address on Reflective Practive for Language Teachers to more than 1,000 delegates at the ... Full story
  • Applied Linguistics

    David Hayes was in Hanoi, Vietnam, from April 11 to 27 at the invitation of the Vietnamese National Institute for Educational Sciences ... Full story
  • English Language and Literature

    Angus Somerville presented "Sturla Þórðarson and Hákonar saga Hákonarsonar: A Reassessment" at the inaugural St. Mágnus ... Full story