Q. What are the technical requirements for the website?

A. Brock News of website was built using Web-standard practices and should be viewable in a wide variety of Web browsers. However, when viewing our sites, we suggest the following:

On Windows

On Macintosh (OS X)

IE6 – video issues
Safari 3.x — the latest version
Opera 9.x — the latest version
Firefox 3.x — the latest version

Safari 3.x — the latest version
Opera 9.x — the latest version
Firefox 3.x — the latest version

Chrome 4.x – the latest version

Q. I’m having problems viewing the site site. What should I do?

A. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution because the answer is different for everyone. Without more details, we have no way of knowing which, if any of these will help you. But these are some possibilities.

  1. We recommend using the free Firefox web browser. However, if you do use Firefox, and have also installed any Firefox add-ons, some can cause problems. To check:
    • In the Tools menu, select “Clear Private Data” to clear the cache, history and cookies; then close all Firefox windows.
    • In Windows, go to Start > Programs > Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)
    • When the popup window lets you choose, please choose “Disable all add-ons”, then click the “restart” button
    • When Firefox has restarted, please try go to Brock News to see if Firefox crashes or not.
    • If it has not crashed, that’s good. Then try to enable the add-ons one by one (to do this, go to Tools > Add-ons in Firefox) to find which add-on causes the browser to crash when visiting Brock News. (This may fix any browser problems you may have with other sites, too.)
  2. If you still use Internet Explorer 6, here is a recommendation from our technical team that may help: Microsoft released a critical update (MS06-042) that is causing Internet Explorer 6 to crash on some sites. If the users are having problems browsing from work, it’s possible that this update was applied to their machines at work but not at home, or vice-versa in the reverse case.
  3. Please make sure your software is kept up to date. We’ve also had reports from some users that installing all their Windows patches and updating their anti-virus software also solved the problem. Try turning off your anti-virus software temporarily to see if the site performance improves; if it does, adjust the settings of your anti-virus software, or upgrade it.
  4. Are you trying to access our website from work, or do you have a personal firewall at home? If so, there may be firewall issues and your technical support people can help you. Try temporarily turning the firewall.

Q. Videos on the site do not work.

A. There are a number of reasons why video might not work. Here are a couple of suggestions: Clear your browser’s cache and try to see if you can access the video – if not, you may need to reinstall the Flash plugin.

You may need to disable any ad-blocking software or Firefox extensions, such as Adblock or Adblock Plus. If the site works with ad-blocking disabled, you may want to add the site to your whitelist in your adblocker filter.

If you have security software installed, check that you remove from the block list.

All videos can also be viewed on our YouTube channel at