Media Talk: Chinese leader’s disappointing U.S. visit

Charles Burton, associate professor of Political Science, appeared on Radio Canada International discussing China-West relations on Jan. 21. Click here to hear the interview.

Burton also published the op-ed piece “Hu Isn’t China” in the Globe and Mail on Jan. 20.

He did eight CBC Radio interviews on Jan. 19 about Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the U.S. and the economic and strategic consequences if the summit is seen by the U.S. as having failed. The interviews aired in Quebec City, Ontario AM, Gander, Corner Brook, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Whitehorse. He is also quoted in the article “China’s baby steps toward world currency domination” in the National Post on Jan. 29.

Finally, Burton published the letter “University no longer a fun time” in the National Post on Jan. 25.

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