Alumni mentors discover their colours

personality_dimensions_logoDo blue and green get along? What does it mean to be gold? How do you manage an orange?

These colours that relate to personality dimension make perfect sense to Debbie (Joachim) Nazir (BA ‘94).

Student mentees and nearly 30 Brock alumni career mentors, like Nazir, from Brock’s Mentorship Plus program participated in Personality Dimensions this past November and December, a professional development workshop and networking event co-ordinated by Brock’s Offices of Career Services and Alumni Relations.

Personality Dimensions is a fun, interactive assessment tool that focuses on self discovery.  The workshop allows participants to learn more about themselves, explore their ‘colours’ and understand how to use this information to enhance their interactions with others.

Nazir learned that she was orange. “I quickly recognized that I had many of the orange personality traits – always busy, enjoys multi-tasking and is very social,” said Nazir. “Oranges are also ‘free-spirits’, which I didn’t think I was. But upon further reflection, I realized that although I may not consider myself a free spirit, I crave flexibility and freedom, which is why I’m likely having trouble in my current job — I don’t feel I have the freedom to do things my way.”

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