Computer Science students excel at competition

Brock Computer Science students once again excelled at the ACM International Collegiate Programming competition held recently at the University of Windsor.

Team 1 placed 10th out of 112 teams from 65 colleges and universities throughout western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, eastern Ontario, and Indiana. Team 1 placed second only to Waterloo from Canadian universities and colleges in the East Central North American Region.

Brock’s teams were as follows:

Team 1 — Angelika Robidas, Graham Sharp, Kaylen Wheeler
Team 2 — Martin Derka, Dennis Ideler, Collin Price
Team 3 — Endre Balint, Mike Clapp, Dan Medwin

Prof. Sheridan Houghten was the coach and Prof. Ke Qiu was the driving force.

“As always I am very pleased with the results,” Houghten said. “Once again our teams successfully competed against teams from much larger universities. This says a lot about the quality of our students and of our program. The students are to be commended not only on the results but also on their teamwork and sportsmanship.”

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