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Andrew Reynolds, with J. Hakimi Rezaei, presented “Spatial variability of soil composition, soil texture, and soil and vine water status in Cabernet franc vineyards” at the 7th International Cool Climate Symposium for Viticulture and Oenology in Seattle, Wash. on June 20 to 22. He also presented the keynote lecture, “Back to the future for grapevine canopies.”

He also made a series of presentations at the American Society for Enology and Viticulture Eastern Section 34th Annual Meeting in Geneva, NY on July 11 to 15:

  • with J. J. Willwerth and Isabelle Lesschaeve, “Vine water status and its influence on the sensory characteristics of Riesling wines”
  • with D. Ledderhof and Ralph Brown, “Geomatic applications to the study of Pinot noir terroir”
  • with M. Marciniak and Ralph Brown, “The Use of GPS, GIS and remote sensing to understand the terroir of the Niagara Peninsula. I. Geomatic applications in a Riesling vineyard”
  • with M. Fadock and Ralph Brown, “Rapid non-destructive prediction of berry composition using UV/VIS diffuse reflectance spectroscopy”
  • with Amy Bowen and Isabelle Lesschaeve, “The effect of harvest date on Vidal and Riesling icewine chemical composition, aroma compounds and sensory profiles”
  • with G. Balint, “Water stress signature compounds (abscisic acid and its catabolites) accurately indicate the water stress in vine”

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