Anthropologist kicks off archeology lectures

A University of Toronto anthropologist will kick off this year’s Public Lecture Series on Archeology at Brock.

Ed Swenson

Ed Swenson

Ed Swensen will give a lecture on ancient Peru. His talk is titled “Reassessing Archeological Approaches to Power: The Politics of Gender, Sacrifice, and Feasting among the Moche of Ancient Peru (AD 500-800).” His talk, scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 19, is the first in a series of free, public lectures sponsored by the Niagara Peninsula Society of the Archeological Institute of America.

The lectures will be Sundays at 3 p.m. in Academic South 215. For more information, visit the Niagara AIA or call 905-688-5550 x3575.

Here is a schedule of forthcoming events:

Oct. 3 — Michael Hoff, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Russell Lecturer)
“Lord Elgin and the Parthenon Marbles: Two Hundred Years of Controversy”

Nov. 14 — Miles McCallum, St Mary’s University
“The Pot Industry at Pompeii: A Review of the Evidence”

Dec. 5 — R. Scott Moore, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Parks Memorial Lecture)
“Pyla-Koutsopetria: Investigating a Harbor Town”

Jan. 23 — Fanny Dolansky, Brock University
“Before Barbie: Girls and Dolls in the Roman World”

Feb. 13 — Gerry Schaus, Wilfrid Laurier University
“Gods and Stone Pillars at Stymphalos in Arcadia”

March – BUAS Symposium (date and theme TBA)

April 3 — April Nowell, University of Victoria
“The Last Neanderthals”

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