Stories wanted from 1970 music festival

an audience member is tossed into the air at Festival '70

Audience members used a blanket to toss each other in the air at Festival '70. This photo appeared in a 1970 issue of the Brock Press, preserved in Brock's Special Collections and Archives.

an enthusiastic fan at Festival '70

A fan shows his enthusiasm at Festival '70. Photo: the Brock Press, 1970

We’re looking for people who attended Brock Festival ’70, a music festival featuring The Guess Who that made headlines on Sept. 20, 1970.

Next month will be the 40th anniversary of the concert, which was nine hours and featured acts like Mashmakhan, Leigh Ashford, J. R. Flood, Papa Grey and more. Some 7,000 people crowded Brock’s football field for the show.

Festival ’70 happened in the midst of music festival fever in North America. It was one year after Woodstock and one month after Mosport Park’s Strawberry Fields festival. The Guess Who had just released its hit “American Woman.”

The Brock News would like to assemble some memories from that day. If you were at that concert, or know someone who was, contact us at

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One comment on “Stories wanted from 1970 music festival”

  1. Rocco Grasso says:

    Was for sure there. Have some lucid memories. Also, some very bleary memories.

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