Profs. Jane Dywan and Sid Segalowitz recently attended the annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in Montreal, Que. on April 16 to 20 and presented with students several papers:

  • Meghan J. Weissflog, Sidney J. Segalowitz, Gillian E. S. Munro, Jane Dywan. “Disentangling psychopathic status from general incarceration status in event-related potential responses to emotional faces.”
  • Christine Lackner, Diane L. Santesso, Jane Dywan, Terrance J. Wade, Sidney J. Segalowitz. ” The N100 response to unattended stimuli relates to adolescent executive function within a normally developing population.”
  • Angela Dzyundzyak, Diane Santesso, Sidney Segalowitz. “The task matters: sensitivity of the FRN to feedback valence in gambling versus nongambling paradigms.”
  • Michelle Jetha, Xin Zheng, Louis A. Schmidt, Sidney J. Segalowitz. “Shyness and the first 100 milliseconds of emotional face processing.”
  • Diane Santesso, Angela Dzyundzyak, Sidney Segalowitz. “Acc activity and punishment sensitivity: comparing adolescents and adults during a monetary feedback task.”
  • Lesley Capuana, Jane Dywan, William Tays, Sidney Segalowitz. “Relationship of Nogo N2/P3 and ERN/Pe across working memory load to autonomic cardiac regulation in younger and older adults”
  • Xin Zheng, Catherine J. Mondloch, Sidney J. Segalowitz. “ERP correlates of facial distinctiveness: P2 sensitivity to identity strength.”

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