Changes coming to Brock parking lots

Changes are coming to Brock’s parking lots in time for the upcoming academic year.

The reconfiguration of two lots is intended to provide flexibility and meet student and staff demand, particularly when hosting events on the east side of campus near Pond Inlet and the Cairns building.

“Currently we have Lot E with 46 parking spaces, including accessible parking,” said Wendy Laslo, Brock’s managing director of Visitor, Conference and Parking Services. “The current Lot E will be renamed Lot E1 and will not see any physical changes. Both hourly and a new day parking rate similar to Lot D on the west side of campus will be offered. The north tip of Reserved A will be seconded to create a new hourly pay parking area called E2, (which will create) approximately 18 spaces.”

The creation of the new E2 lot increases pay parking on the east side of campus to approximately 64 spaces.

“Offering a day rate similar to that offered in Lot D ($7) in E1 allows us to provide a consistent product on the east side of campus along with the flexibility of hourly pay parking as well,” Laslo said. “Events on the east side of campus in the Pond Inlet and Cairns are becoming popular, and these added spaces will provide the needed guest parking.”

The creation of this additional pay parking area will include moving of some jersey barriers, new signage, a new pay machine and the painting of the entrance into the lot.
Laslo believes the reduction of spaces in Reserved A will have little or no impact on the number of parking spaces available to Reserved A permit holders.

Parking permits ordered for fall for to be delivered by Canada Post will be mailed out in mid August. Permits ordered for pick up at Parking Services will be available at the office beginning Aug. 18.

Permits for mailing via interoffice will be sent out mid to late August. Please order your permit in advance to avoid the September lineups.

If you have any questions, please contact Parking Services at x4309.


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