Goodman professors win awards at ASAC 2014


Fayez Elayan (left) and Jennifer Li (right) receive their plaques from the chair of the Accounting Division, Han Donker from the University of Alaska Anchorage, during the ASAC 2014 conference.

Several Goodman School of Business professors won awards at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada 2014 conference, which was held in Muskoka May 10-13:

Fayez Elayan, Jennifer Li, Zhefeng Frank Liu and Sandra Felton, all from the Department of Accounting, won the Best Paper Award in the Accounting division for their coauthored paper: “Ethical Performance, Financial Performance and the Quality of Financial Reporting.”

Two professors from the department of Marketing, International Business and Strategy won awards in the Case Track division. Eric Dolansky won the Laurier School of Business and Economics Award for his case “401 Games,” and Herb MacKenzie received the Long Time Reviewer Award.

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