Some truth about Travis — and recycling

Travis Lewis’s video about recycling on campus is catching a lot of attention, partly because it’s clever, partly because a flawed newspaper article says Brock has disciplined Travis over that video.

The St Catharines Standard is wrong. Brock has not disciplined Travis for the video or for opinions expressed in it. Unfortunately the newspaper has declined to correct its mistake.

It’s true there is a probation. For other reasons entirely, Travis has been in discussions with university staff for several weeks regarding his future as a student don. That is a personnel matter, and not for the University to discuss in public.

Brock has a social conscience.

It encourages freedom of expression. It is one of just seven designated Fair Trade Campuses across Canada. And it successfully promotes green initiatives – including recycling.

Here is some truth, backed up by facts.

Brock residences have more recycling bins (3,200) than students (2,400). Campus-wide, staff and students kept more than 1,200 tonnes of trash out of landfills last year. An independent audit by Waste Reduction Group Inc. found Brock’s diversion rate passed 65 per cent and is rising.

Anything that raises awareness of recycling – like Travis’s video – should be applauded. And nobody disagrees with him that recycling in residences should continue to be improved.

So Brock is announcing an Earth Day contest. Details weren’t to be announced until next week, but all Brock students will be encouraged to send in their best photos or videos that capture the spirit of Earth Day.

Prizes? You bet. Watch the Brock website for details.

And, Travis, you’re more than welcome to enter your video.

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