Senate vote cancelled, BUSAC voting continues


Voting continues for the Brock University Students Administration Council elections, but not without some missteps.

The Elections Committee halted voting for the Senate election Tuesday after it was deemed that a third party had compromised the integrity and fairness of the race. The third party broke an election bylaw after emailing eligible voters endorsing four of seven Senate candidates.

“It is with this rational that the Elections Committee has decided to cancel the Brock University Senate election,” BUSU chief returning officer Mauricio Galko said. “All votes cast in this race will be sealed and the election for this race will be cancelled.”
BUSAC will appoint/elect temporary senators at its July meeting.

These temporary appointments will remain in place until a byelection can take place in the fall of 2014, where at this time students will seek election for the two-year and one-year terms.

Also, the first day of voting for Faculty of Social Science representatives was suspended after it was discovered the ballot was mistakenly sent to all Brock undergraduates. Tuesday’s votes were destroyed, and voting re-opened Wednesday. It will close Friday at 9 p.m. to ensure students in that Faculty also have three days to vote.

Overall, there are several positions up for grabs along with three referendum questions. This election is for all council representatives for the next school year. Voting ends March 27 (except for Social Sciences) and can be done online or at polling stations in the University.

Available positions include:

Faculty of Social Science (choose 9 of 11)
– Madi Fuller, Ashton Govan, Alena Kondratieva, Anneka Bosse, Matt Campbell, Shamoya Mollings, David Hanula, Stephen Korecki, Ellie Donohue-Miller, Connor McDowell, Nick Savelli

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (choose 6 of 7)
– Danielle Hunter, Pierre Thibeault, Marissa Rose, Anas Tareen, Faisal Hejazi, Shanza Hashmi, Shanice Stewart

Faculty of Math & Science (choose 4 of 6)
– Petera Walker, Jerika Sanderson, Zahra Hirji, Lexine Webb, Adam Zoccoli, David Nguyen

Off-campus representative (choose 1 of 2)
– Jennifer Rubbra, Suneeta Warraich

Referendum questions include:

• Do you support the transfer from the existing Brock University Students’ Union Strategic Expansion Fund levy in the amount of $1,000,000 divided over a five (5) year period to Brock University in support of the construction of a new artificial turf facility in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding as presented?

• Do you support a separation of $1.50, per credit, from the Brock University Students’ Union Strategic Expansion Fund, to create the Brock University Students’ Union Deferred Maintenance Fund as per the Memorandum of Understanding?

• Do you support a $2.80 per credit fee to fund Fed Up: The Affordable Food Project, as per?the Memorandum of Understanding?

Email chief returning officer Mauricio Galko for more information.

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