Neureiter at Brock to discuss ‘science diplomacy in a complex world’


Norman Neureiter, founding director of the Centre for Science, Technology and Security Policy at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), shares his experiences Friday, March 21 at Brock University from his nearly 50 years of science diplomacy both inside and outside of government and its role in trying to build a more peaceful world.

He will discuss how the importance of science and technology in nearly every aspect of modern life means that it has also become a new and lively element in foreign affairs and contemporary diplomacy.

Whether it is the Keystone pipeline, building global consensus on climate change, seeking a cure for AIDS, searching for the Higg’s boson, or cleaning up after a nuclear reactor meltdown, science and technology have come front and centre into the traditionally very different world of foreign policy.

Neureiter will be speaking at noon in room TH243.

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