Social Sciences and Humanities grant recipients honoured


Gary Libben, Vice-President of Research, addresses Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant recipients at a luncheon recently.

Thirteen researchers, who were awarded grants by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) in the 2011-2012 funding period, were honoured at a luncheon recently.

“It’s great to celebrate peoples’ success and good to know that it’s a team success,” said Gary Libben, Vice-President Research. “It was important that we got together as a team to celebrate each others’ success and also to create a group that’s going to aid in the success of their colleagues.”

A six-year, $2-million partnership grant was allocated to a multi-disciplinary team headed by economics professor Steven Renzetti. Brock’s co-applicants include Diane Dupont, Ryan Plummer and Tim Heinmiller, as well as a number of other researchers across Canada.

The partnership grant “is to establish a research network taking a social science perspective on water policy in Canada,” Renzetti said.

“We’re trying to do some things that are different – getting people to work together who haven’t worked together previously; for example, bringing social justice voices into the debate to supplement the more scientific-based research,” he said.

Jennifer Rowsell, Canada Research Chair in Multi-Literacies, explained that her insight development grant looks at redefining reading.

“We’re in two schools in the Oakville area,” she said. “Students use iPads to read different kinds of texts. It’s really looking at their reading process.

“The nice thing about this grant is that it’s an international grant. The money also went to study the use of iPads in San Diego and iPads that are used in Sydney, Australia. It’s very good for Brock. SSHRC sets it up in such a way that they encourage you to partner and they encourage you to create community liaisons,” Rowsell added.

The other winners are:

Renee-Claude Breitenstein, Modern Languages, Literatures and Culture: “Conflict in the Age of Print: Publics and Publications in Collections in Praise of Women in the French Renaissance”

Fanny Dolansky, Classics: “Feminism and Classics VI: Crossing Borders, Crossing Lines”

Dan Malleck, Community Health Sciences: “Baneful Influences: The Origins of Drug Control in Canada, 1800-1911”

Antonia Mantonakis, Marketing, International Business and Strategy: “Positioning on Place: When Does Place of Origin Versus Local Identity Drive Consumer Response?”

Behnaz Mirzai, History: “Baluchi Identity and Culture”

Catherine Nash, Geography: “Shifting Resistences: Emerging International Challenges to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans Rights in Canada and Great Britain”

Lissa Paul, Graduate and Undergraduate Education: “From the Garden to the Trenches: Childhood, Culture, and the First World War”

Larry Savage, Centre for Labour Studies: “The Politics of Public Sector Unions”

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