Brock video shortlisted in international contest

A Brock-produced video has been shortlisted in the Times Higher Education video contest.

A Brock-produced video has been shortlisted in the Times Higher Education video contest.

A new video showing what makes Brock University world class has been selected as a finalist in an international competition hosted by a prestigious higher education publication.

Times Higher Education, a British magazine known for its international rankings of universities, shortlisted Brock’s 10-second clip from among 50 entries from around the world.

Brock is the only North American submission among the eight finalists, who are featured on the Times Higher Education’s YouTube channel.

The Brock video is a time lapse showing students writing words on a chalkboard that describe their experience at the University while a narrator says Brock is world class because “we define our own experience.”

Shot during resident move-in day in early September, the clip was a collaboration between the University’s recruitment team in the Office of the Registrar, and various student and administrative on campus.

Liaison officer Tanya Pellegrino brought the different groups together to come up with the concept for the video while Joe Gottli, multimedia web specialist in the Registrar’s Office, provided technical support.

Brock’s success in the contest helps raise the University’s profile on a global scale, said Beth Natale, director of recruitment and retention.

“Positive exposure that helps us articulate why Brock is an exceptional choice for a post-secondary education is always a good thing,” Natale said. “While our reputation is continually gaining momentum, we are still a relatively young university. We take as many opportunities as we can find to raise brand awareness provincially, nationally and internationally.

“This particular initiative provided an opportunity for the authentic student voice to ring through and our students are often the very best to speak to the Brock experience.”

The video competition will help launch Times Higher Education’s 2012-13 World University Rankings on Oct. 3.

Times Higher Education uses data from Thomson Reuters to develop its annual comparison of how universities perform, based on 13 indicators such as teaching, research and knowledge transfer. The publication’s annual evaluation of universities worldwide is commonly used and recognized by international students.

The magazine plans to include its favourite clips from the contest in its official rankings video.

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