Brock prof has award named after him at U.S. university

Thomas S.C. Farrell

Thomas S.C. Farrell

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) has named a language teacher award in honor of Thomas S.C. Farrell, professor of Applied Linguistics at Brock.

The Thomas Farrell/IUP Language Teacher Award is granted annually by a panel of IUP Composition & TESOL faculty to essay(s) by IUP graduate students or alumni.

Recipients of the award best reflect the practice of reflective language teaching in a wide range of contexts, including Africa, Europe, Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Australia/New Zealand.

Farrell is a doctoral alumnus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His professional interests include reflective practice, and language teacher education and development. He has been a language teacher and language teacher educator since 1978 and has worked in Korea, Singapore and Canada.

This year’s recipients of the award were honored at a ceremony on April 23 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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