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Earlier this week, Rick Dykstra, MP for St. Catharines, announced partnerships between Brock University and 13 local small- and medium-sized businesses as part of the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario’s Applied Research and Commercialization initiative.

The FedDev funding for Brock, which was announced in November 2010, provides up to $750,000 to the University to partner with small and medium-size companies in areas such as product and process applied research, technology development, product testing, and piloting and problem solving.

The wide-ranging list of collaborative research projects includes pharmaceutical and multimedia companies, a winery, a manufacturer of high-performance skate boots and a developer of interactive storybooks for children, just to name a few.

“The partnerships between these companies and Brock University will allow them to work together on projects that will help bring growth and long-term prosperity to southern Ontario,” said Dykstra.

“This program will help to facilitate partnerships and the exchange of ideas between our researchers and homegrown businesses here in Niagara,” says Jack Lightstone, President, Brock University. “Initiatives like this are the key to building innovative and versatile regional and Canadian economies.”

Brock University has partnered with the following 13 businesses:

ASECO Integrated Systems (Oakville)
This leading developer of advanced information systems for the manufacturing industry is collaborating with Brock University to produce an emotionally-intelligent educational game that provides a fun learning environment for children.

CRS Electronics (Welland)
This contract lighting manufacturer is partnering with Brock University to investigate techniques that will convert cool blue light-emitting diode (LED) lights into warm white LED lights that are more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Fourgrounds Media Inc. (St. Catharines)
This interactive media production company is working with Brock University to create a functional online and offline web application that provides custom interactive marketing solutions for clients.

Furi Enterprises Inc. (St. Catharines)
This software development and IT services company is collaborating with Brock University to build the “Locationator” – a software development platform that allows graphic and game designers to develop location-based applications for mobile devices.

Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery (St. Catharines)
This producer of premium Ontario wines is working with Brock University to improve the acid balance of a signature wine, Baco noir, by using a new process technology that could allow this wine to be better commercialized.

Creekali International Inc. (Ottawa)
This group, which develops new methodologies for large-scale production of hybrid soybean seeds and new soybean varieties for the agricultural industry, is partnering with Brock University to test and improve its proprietary production methods, which is expected to generate a more efficient production of hybrid soybean.

morro images Inc. (St. Catharines)
This visual effects and 3D computer animation company is collaborating with Brock University to develop a “first of its kind” virtual camera rig prototype, which will enhance filming and rapidly reduce overall motion capture time.

Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics Corp. (St. Catharines)
This manufacturer of orthotic devices and prosthetic limbs and braces is working with Brock University to create a unique back brace for the treatment of scoliosis, which will allow for greater mobility while still providing the necessary support.
* “Research team seeks volunteers to join scoliosis project” (Feb. 7, 2012)

NorthernPharm Inc. (Niagara Falls)
This pharmaceutical company, which designs and synthesizes novel drugs, is partnering with Brock University to develop the chemical process for manufacturing the generic equivalent of Singulair, an asthma medication.

Perseis Partners Inc. (Toronto)
This designer and manufacturer of skate boot products, is collaborating with Brock University to develop a flexible boot that also provides the support of the current rigid design.
* “Researcher works with NHL veterans to improve the hockey skate” (Dec. 21, 2011)

Proactive Dealer Solutions (PDS) (St. Catharines)
This business development and software design company is working with Brock University to create interactive storybooks for children. These books include a groundbreaking voice recognition technology that evaluates the child’s reading performance and offers help when words are pronounced incorrectly.

Sweet and Sticky Inc. (Niagara Falls)
This company produces Ice Syrup, a novel and uniquely Canadian food product made from the juice of ice wine grapes. They are collaborating with Brock University to evaluate the syrup’s antioxidant content and determine potential health benefits.

Vanchem Performance Chemicals (Burlington)
This manufacturer of metal coating and wastewater pre-treatment chemicals is partnering with Brock University to develop an environment-friendly silicon-based anti-corrosion paint primarily for the automobile industry.

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