Students thrive in joint program with Yukon College

Kyle Horvath has been braving the harsh Arctic winds this winter, and he doesn’t mind a bit.


A photo in the Yukon by Kyle Horvath.

The second-year Psychology student is happy to be one of three current participants in a joint program between Brock and Yukon College.

Horvath, 20, is spending the school year in Whitehorse, where he has hiked the scenic terrain, joined the student union and gotten invaluable life experience as part of a program that takes Brock students to the northern territory for a year.

He is doing so well, he was even hired by Yukon College to return to St. Catharines earlier this month to promote the program to Psychology and Women’s Studies students for a week.

“I’ve never thought of the Yukon as a destination before,” he said. “Now I have a real sense of community there.”


Kyle Horvath climbs the rocky terrain.

The program is like “an exchange program without the passport,” said Jo Stewart, program co-ordinator. Brock students spend their second year studying Psychology or Women’s Studies at Yukon College, and years one, three and four at Brock. Yukon students spend years one and two in their home school, followed by years three and four at Brock. The program is open to Psychology or Women’s Studies majors. It is designed to give them academic as well as life experience.

Yukon College has about 1,200 students, making its classes “like a seminar at all times,” said Horvath, who loves it so much that he plans to spend the summer there too.

The program has also given him leadership abilities and confidence, he said, citing his campaign and successful election to the student union.

“I’ve been able to go forward in a leadership role, and to see a part of Canada where the connection to nature is imminent,” said Horvath, a Welland native.

For more information, visit the Yukon College program.

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