Media Talk — Jan. 4

Kelly Lockwood on Canada AM

Kelly Lockwood on Canada AM

Kelly Lockwood, associate professor of Kinesiology, appeared on Canada AM this morning to discuss the notion that hockey players born earlier in the year do better. The appearance is summarized in the segment “Can date of birth ensure on-ice success?” on CTV Edmonton.

Charles Burton, associate professor of Political Science, was interviewed by Lynn Desjardins on the leadership transition in North Korea, which was broadcast on the Radio Canada International English language service on Dec. 28. Also, his opinion piece comparing the presidencies of Kim Jong-il and Vaclav Havel was published in the Ottawa Citizen (“North Korea could have used a Havel“)  on Dec. 22, in the Vancouver Sun as “A study in presidential contrasts” and on and the Montreal Gazette.

Michael Armstrong, associate professor in the Faculty of Business, wrote the opinion piece “Clearing the air on misleading airfare advertising” in the Hamilton Spectator on Jan. 2.

Joyce Engel, assistant professor of Nursing, was quoted in “Home birth after 40” in the Toronto Star’s on Jan. 3. Engel has studied older mothers and says that the births of older mothers are scrutinized by the medical community.

Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker

Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker

Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker, associate professor in the Faculty of Education, was quoted in the article “Helping poor students ‘comes with a cost’” in the St. Catharines Standard and Niagara Falls Review on Dec. 26.

Mary Lovering, PhD candidate, was quoted in the Epoch Times article “Former CEO and financial advisor enriched by Shen Yun” on Dec. 28.

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