Publications — Nov. 17

Hayes, David. (2011). “La enseñanza del inglés en la Educación Primaria: otro obstáculo para el logro educativo de los más desfavorecidos/Primary English language teaching: Another obstacle to achievement for the world’s poor?” In P. Powell-Davies (Ed.). Word for Word: The social, economic and political impact of Spanish and English/Palabra por Palabra: El impactico social, económico y político del español y del inglés. Madrid, Spain: Santillana. pp. 329-344.

Mathewson, K. J., Dywan, J., Snyder, P. J, Tays, W. J., and Segalowitz, S. J. (2011). “Autonomic regulation and maze-learning performance in older and younger adults.” Biological Psychology, 88, pp. 20-27.

Ruan, Felipe E. (2011). “From Monster to Deviant: European Conceptions of New World Peoples in Early Colonial Peru” in Monstrous Deviations: An Inter-disciplinary Study of Monstrosity in the Cultural Imaginary. Ed. Cristina Santos and Adriana Spahr. Oxford, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press. pp. 21-41.

Santesso, D. L., Dzyundzak, A., Segalowitz, S. J. (2011). “Age, sex and individual differences in punishment sensitivity:  Factors influencing the feedback-related negativity.” Psychophysiology, 48(11), pp. 1481-1488.

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