Brock grad promotes eco-friendly burials

Courtney Heron-Monk

Courtney Heron-Monk (BA ’09), a graduate of Brock University’s Human Geography program, was recently featured in a Toronto Star article, “How to keep the burial process lean and green.”  As general manager of the Natural Burial Association, Heron-Monk speaks about eco-friendly alternatives to conventional burial practices.

How to keep the burial process lean and green

Oct. 18, 2011
By Valerie Hauch
Staff Reporter

She’s only 25 and in good health, but Courtney Heron-Monk has already given much thought to her burial plans. When she leaves this mortal coil, she’ll have a natural interment — no fancy casket with varnished wood costing thousands of dollars, no concrete vault or embalming fluids which eventually leak into the soil, no cremation which uses a lot of fuel and releases gases into the air.

As general manager of the Toronto-based Natural Burial Association — a non-profit which promotes the establishment of natural burial grounds as a land use planning tool to create, protect and link natural spaces — Heron-Monk is an expert in eco-friendly alternatives to the conventional burial. She says the NBA’s goal is not to put an end to conventional burial and cremation practices but to draw attention to natural burial as a sustainable option and educate the public.

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