Family Campaign benefits our buildings and space

Crews work on the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex earlier this year

Crews work on the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex earlier this year.

Every day we walk the hallways and lecture halls of the University, we go into our offices and use the library. These spaces are so much a part of our days and tasks that we rarely think about the amount of financial, intellectual and physical investments required for their completion.

Throughout its history there have always been people that have been willing to make an investment in the future of Brock. Today, we all work hard on a daily basis to continue to advance our University. Part of that includes donating to the annual Brock Family Campaign, which runs until Oct. 7.

These investments have worked to create a learning environment suitable for all, said Jack Miller, special advisor on buildings and space.

“For the past 10 years the growth on campus has been explosive and our space allocation is now getting closer to the actual amount of space that we need,” Miller said.

“Modern classroom facilities are important. We cannot renovate a big lecture hall designed for one-way communication into a case-study interaction space. The new trends in teaching fashion require new spaces that are specifically designed for those classes. Take the Matheson Learning Commons as an example: it allows team work study style, which is part of the new instructional methods.”

New buildings and spaces not only change the ways we teach and learn, but also the way Brock presents itself to the world. Lesley A. Bell, University’s Visual Resources Librarian, appreciates the aesthetic feel on the campus.

“The Plaza Building and the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Centre‘s glass walls now allow Brock to see itself in reflection,” she said.

Working at Brock since 1988, she has seen many changes on campus. By supporting the University, she said, we can help to shape better working environment.

“I think that faculty and staff should support capital projects, and many of us do,” she said. “In my opinion, this is my work environment, and it is a dynamic place to work. I am extremely fortunate to have seen the changes that I have seen, and in contributing to such projects, I am a part of them.”

Faculty and staff received packages in September with information on how to contribute to the campaign, For follow-ups and updates, visit the Bold New Brock website.

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