Brock’s TESL program receives program accreditation renewal

Brock’s Department of Applied Linguistics has been granted a one-year renewal of its TESL Ontario accredited TESL (Teachers of English as a Second/Subsequent Language) education program.

“Brock is one of several institutions in Ontario accredited to deliver education and training for teachers of English to adult learners,” says Hedy McGarrell, Graduate Program Director, Applied Linguistics.

“This important recognition, subject to yearly renewal, in turn, enables successful graduates from our programs to be eligible for TESL Ontario accreditation,” adds McGarrell. “This accreditation is required to teach in any government-funded English language learning program for adults in Ontario.”

Graduates who receive TESL Ontario accreditation are also eligible for Standard II TESL Canada certification.

TESL Ontario recognizes adult ESL teacher education programs within the province and promotes clearly articulated standards of practice and conduct within the profession.

Institutions offering TESL programs are required to demonstrate high standards of academic excellence and professional integrity in their programs. Both teachers of adult ESL learners and teacher educators are required to achieve and maintain TESL Ontario accreditation through regular professional development.

“Teaching English to non-English speakers is a complex process,” says McGarrell.

Brock’s TESL program provides students with a thorough background in theories and methods relevant to the teaching and learning of English as a second or subsequent language.

TESL students learn about first- and second-language acquisition, the structure of English, language testing and methodologies for teaching specific language skills. Supervised practice is an essential feature of the University’s program and a four-year co-op option is also available.

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