The Power of If

Nancy Doubleday (BSc '78)

Nancy Doubleday (BSc '76)

Have you ever asked yourself “what if”?

What if I had made a different choice? What if the situation ended differently? What if something else had happened?

When we ask ourselves these questions, we are often interpreting a situation negatively.

On Saturday Sept. 17 during Brock Days Alumni Weekend, Nancy Doubleday (BSc ’76) will lead a discussion on how we can change the way we ask ourselves “what if”.

Doubleday’s presentation, “The Power of If”, will explore the concept of “reframing” — in other words, the act of looking at, presenting or thinking of beliefs, ideas, situations, etc. in a different way.

“Often in our lives, small things have unforeseeable and significant impacts”, said Doubleday. “We actually can choose our responses, but are sometimes unaware that indeed we are making choices in the process. All too often we react instead.

“Reframing is a way of altering our view of our circumstances, past and present, that allows for learning rather than reactivity, through story telling.”

Doubleday will share a few stories that are encouraging and uplifting, and will also encourage audience members to share their own stories of struggle, and talk about how they could have been reframed.

“To move beyond adverse situations and redirect our lives, we can learn to use ‘if’ as a means of reshaping experience to carry us toward other outcomes in the future.”

Doubleday is the Hope Chair in Peace and Health at McMaster University. In addition to an honours degree from Brock in biological sciences, Doubleday also has a PhD in biology from Queen’s University and a law degree from Osgoode Hall.

Doubleday’s “The Power of If” presentation takes place at 1:30 p.m. on. Sept. 17 in Academic South 216, part of Brock Days Alumni Weekend’s new mini-conference format.

Featuring several professional development and personal interest breakout sessions, the alumni “Learners and Leaders” presentations are an engaging experience in which Brock graduates will share innovative and creative ideas or personal pursuits in 20 minutes or less.

In addition to Doubleday’s presentation, four other alumni will take the stage during sessions at 11:15 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., all in Academic South 216. Topics include “Life-long learning”, “Yoga creates leaders”, “The science of happiness” and “From local to international success”.

For more information and to register for presentations, visit

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