Student develops sex and contraception mobile app

A Community Health Sciences student hopes to win an award for his idea for a mobile phone app.

Travis King worked with Niagara Regional Public Health on the concept of SexC (Sex and Contraception), an app that would help users make decisions about their sexual health. The app provides a number of scenarios about sex and contraception.

The project has been named one of 50 finalists in the ImagineNation Ideas Challenge, which has a top prize of $10,000.

One sample storyline has the user deciding whether or not to have sex with her new boyfriend when she forgot to take a birth control pill for the past two days. The user is presented a number of real life options. If the user selects “have sex,” the app advises, “Because you have missed your pill two days in a row, you are not protected from pregnancy. Take two pills for the next two days and use a condom.”

Outcomes that lead to unprotected sex will recommend the user visit the nearest sexual health clinic for testing for a sexually transmitted disease. The app also has frequently asked questions and possible contraceptive reminder ability.

To vote for the app, visit Voting ends on June 27.

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