VIS of the Month

VIS of the Month: Dr. Takuya Sato

Dr. Takuya Sato is an Associate Professor at Chuo University’s Faculty of Economics in Tokyo, Japan. He obtained his undergraduate degree, Master’s and Ph.D. in Economics from Chuo University and has since released 16 major publications, has participated in 2 major book reviews and continues to teach there. Dr. Sato arrived at Brock University on March 1st, 2011 to participate here as a Visiting International Scholar, accompanied by his wife and two daughters. During his time here, he has been working alongside Dr. Murray Smith in the Department of Sociology. Dr. Sato pursues research in the area of trends toward stagnation in contemporary capitalism. Takuya has also volunteered to be part of Brock International’s Brock Visiting Scholar Speaker’s Bureau.

This is what Dr. Sato had to say about his experience:

1. What do you think about Canada?

One of the most important features of Canada is that the country respects its diversity of people. Canada is also a comfortable country to live in. In particular, I love St.Catharines because the city has a good school for my children, good public amenities, and a lot of stores for daily shopping! On the other hand, the city is very close to beautiful lakes, rivers, falls, mountains, and green fields.

2. What is your favorite memory from your stay in Canada?

My favorite memory is that my family members have adjusted to their new environment, and they are enjoying living in this country very much. I will make many beautiful memories from the stay.

3. What is your favorite thing about Brock?

Of course, my favorite thing is Brock International. There are very kind staff members who support my stay.

4. Tell us something interesting about you?

I like classical music and used to play some kinds of musical instruments, for example saxophone, violin and French horn in my school and undergraduate days. And I used to go to many concerts, but recently I hardly go to any concerts because I and my wife have “noisy” kids. Even so, I want to go and listen to the Niagara Symphony Orchestra at Brock during my stay.