Visual Culture of the Americas Workshop April 17, 2010

Visual Culture of the Americas Workshop April 17, 2010

Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas, Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Brock University is co-organizing the Visual Culture of the Americas Workshop with Camilo Trumper at colleague in the Department of American Studies, SUNY at Buffalo. The workshop is co-sponsored by the Humanities Research Institute, Brock University and the Canadian-American Studies Research Grant, SUNY at Buffalo, and is scheduled for Saturday, 17 April, 2010. Although it will take place at Brock, Brock and SUNY at Buffalo are joint hosts.

This one-day workshop will reflect on visual and material culture as a locus of urban politics and memory from inter-disciplinary and transnational perspectives.The workshop in the spirit of our location “on the border” will be convened: the field of “visual culture” in general, and “visual studies of the Americas” in particular will be proposed, as a site that allows us to bridge traditional disciplinary and national divisions.

Scholars from humanities, social sciences, the visual arts, as architects, urban planners, and community representatives specializing in a variety of time-frames and geographic areas are invited to discuss the bearing the visual field has on their research or work, with special focus on political conflict, human rights and memory.

Everyone is invited to engage the visual as a mediating field whether as a presenter, keynote speaker, community representative or leader, or member in the audience.

This workshop is the first in what will be sustained work with colleagues in both institutions to make 'the visual field' and 'visual culture' a locus for engaging pressing problems and cross-examination by the social sciences, humanities, and visual arts scholarship. This event is the foundation for a larger-scope inter-institutional research collaboration project and its reach goes beyond the event itself.

The estimated number of attendants to the workshop ranges between 40-60 (it is growing fast!), including specialists across disciplinary and national boundaries from Brock University, SUNY at Buffalo, as well as from universities from across Canada and the United States.

Graduate and undergraduate students, local community organizations and representatives, and the general public are also invited.