North-West & Brock University Partnership

North-West & Brock University Partnership

Brock University and North-West University signed a Memorandum of Agreement in 2005. Since the agreement was established, both universities have been collaborating on many areas of research. North-West University has quickly become a very active partner institution for Brock, as shown by the steady exchange of students, faculty and administrators below.

Jan 2013 Dr. Mary-Louise Vanderlee was appointed an Extraordinary Professor in the School of Education at North-West University in South Africa.
July 2011 Elyse Giroux, Master of Education student from Brock University participating in an SFD internship focusing on "Human rights education in diversity: empowering girls in rural and metropolitan schools environments."
 April 2011 Prof. Charl Wolhuter, professor in Comparative Education at North-West University gave a presentation entitled "The South African Academic Profession in a Maelstrom of Change". Dr. Wolhuter was here for three days before attending the CIES (Comparative and International Education Society) 2011 conference in Montreal.
February 2011 In February and March 2011, JP and Margaret Rossouw from North-West University took part in Brock's Visiting International Scholar and University Mentorship, respectively. Both took part in collaborative research with the Faculty of Education.
September 2010 Leigh Pritchard, PhD candidate from Brock University participated at North-West University through the Students For Development Internship (SFD) worked with South African teachers who are striving to work in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments.
July 2010 Prof. Cornelia Roux, Director of Research at North-West University delivered a talk about "Human Rights Education in Diversity" and also held meetings with senior university officials and members of the international community to discuss prospects of extending the already existing agreement between the institutions.
February 2009 Linda Thomas, MEd student from Brock University, participated at North-West University through the Students For Development Internship (SFD) program to develop research on health literacy
November 2008 Dr. Monty Montieth and Dr. Audrey Klopper - delegation from North-West University delievered a lecture on Research Development and Literacy and Numeracy in Early Chilhood Program
May 2008 Dr. Petra Engelbrecht visits Brock University - delievered a lecture on Democracy, Education Change and Transformations in South Africa: Inclusive Education Considerations
March 2008 Dr. K. Mentz, Dr. D. du Toit, Mr. M. Smit, Dr. C. Viligoen, Prof. JR Rossouw, & Ms. J. Fransman - delegation from North-West University participated in a Faculty of Education Academic Colloquium
Fall 2007 Amy Fish, MEd student from Brock University, participated at North-West University on a SFD internship focused on governance and HIV
August 2007 Dr. Dolana Mogadime (Brock University) & Dr. Kobus Mentz (North-West University) collaborate on a research project
Summer 2007 W. Yomi-Odedeyi, MEd student from Brock University participated in an SFD internship focusing on shadowing school principal's gender and style in leadership
February 2007 A. Jacobs, the first student from North-West University, participated in a pilot project, Commonwealth Africa Graduate Student Exhcnage - a program funded by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Fall 2006 J. Holder, MEd student from Brock University participated in an SFD internship focusing on women's leadership roles in South Africa
August 2006 Dr. N. Takalo, Deputy Vice Chancellor & Dr. M. Mokoena, Head of the Department of Professional Studies and Internship visit to further institutional collaboration
July 2006 Dr. Kobus Mentz's initial three day visit to Brock University from North-West University to explore areas for collaboration with Brock Faculty of Education
December 2005 Memorandum of Agreement is formalized
November 2005 Dr. Dolana Mogadime, Faculty of Education & Dr. Michael Owen, VP Research make a sight visit to North-West University

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Dr. Kobus Mentz, North-West University
Dr. Dolana Mogadime, Brock University
Ms. Sheila Young, Brock International & Liaison