Hubei University of Economics - Friday August 17th

Hubei University of Economics - Friday August 17th

On Friday August 17th, Hubei University of Economics representatives visited Brock University. The attendees for the visit were:

Ms. Lu Zhongmei, President of Hubei University
Mr. Dai Shunbin, Director of International Exchange
Mr. Li Yuankui, Dean, School of Finance & Public Administration
Ms. He Mingxia, Dean, Department of Foreign Languages
Mr. Chen Xiangjun, Dean, School of Management
Mr. Chen Jun, Office Manager

They met with several staff and faculty at Brock including:

Dr. Jack Lightstone, President & Vice Chancellor, Brock University
Dr. Cheng Luo, Director, Confucius Institute
Ms. Sheila Young, Director, Brock International
Dr. Deborah McPhee, Associate Dean, Faculty of Business               
Dr. June Corman, Associate Dean of Social Sciences

The purpose of their visit is understanding our university’s education system and teaching philosophy, to explore Brock’s teaching environment and exchange views on organizational structure and management.




Delegates Ms. Lu Zhongmei, Mr. Dai Shunbin, Mr. Li Yuankui, Dean, Ms. He Mingxia, Mr. Chen Xiangjun, Mr. Chen Jun, Office Manager with Brock International Director Sheila Young.