Lisa Neville

Master of Earth Sciences candidate

Lisa Neville is as comfortable soaring in the sky as she is researching the Alberta tarsands.
Lisa began her graduate work on Great Lakes water levels, but has added research on the Alberta tar sands, studying which environmental remediation methods are best at letting the shattered ecosystem recover.

She remembers the first time she saw the vast tailing ponds and pit lakes filled with petroleum extraction chemicals.

“The stench is unbelievable. The tar just sticks to absolutely everything,” she says.

Lisa’s presented research papers at various conferences, including in Houston for the Geological Society of America. She will publish in journals later this year. At age 23, the self-described workaholic also finds time to be the youngest-ever president of Brock’s Graduate Students’ Association.

Lisa chose to attend Brock because it was the only university where she could combine majors of Earth Sciences and Biology, and she’s now completing her master’s degree.

“I love Brock,” she says. “It really allowed me to do things I would never have had the opportunity to do. Brock has made all this possible for me.”

While half of Lisa’s brain is engaged by her academic pursuits, the other half is engaged by her love of flying. She joined the air cadets at age 14, and by age 16 was flying gliders. Today she is a licensed instructor and spends weekends teaching local cadets.

“It’s such freedom,” she says. “Every flight is an adventure all its own. You’re so far away, and it’s so quiet. I love that!” 

Bryceson Dodge, BBA Honors Co-op

MBA Candidate

He started the Brock Marketing Association (BMA) in 2006-07, which over the past two years has offered students opportunities to apply course concepts to practical work experience. In 2007-08, Bryceson became the president of the Business Students' Association (BSA), an organization that oversees and co-ordinates the six Faculty of Business clubs (ACE Brock, the BMA, Brock Finance and Investment Group, Human Resources Management Association, Accounting Students' Association and the Brock Business Ambassadors).

Due to his exemplary leadership abilities, Bryceson not only co-ordinates these clubs, he has also created new programs and initiatives. Bryceson and a volunteer committee initiated, co-coordinated and passed a Faculty-wide levy (run through BUSU by referendum) for all business students. This levy ($18 per student per term) will help fund the Business Career Development Office, a number of business-related competitions and community initiatives in which BSA is involved yearly.

From an academic perspective, Bryceson's ability to manage and contribute to extracurricular activities while maintaining a high academic standing is an achievement of which he can be proud. He is an example of academics and extracurricular activities working together to provide a full well-rounded educational experience.

Now taking his MBA at Brock, Bryceson was a member of the top Canadian team at the Molson International Business Case Competition in January 2009.