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Arthur Peltomaa
Alumnus, Politics ’74 Economics ’74


Arthur Peltomaa is an individual who embodies both sides of the brain.
One side of his brain is engaged in law and philanthropy. After becoming an accomplished corporate lawyer, Art so appreciated the life-changing opportunity he’d received at Brock that he wanted to enhance the experience for generations of students to come. So he paid forward his gratitude to Brock by generously giving to the beautiful, student-friendly Matheson Learning Commons — and asked that it be named for his favourite professor: “Bill Matheson was to me and others a mentor and source of inspiration and
encouragement.”...Click here for full article...


Bill Ralph
Associate Professor of Mathematics


Most people probably would never link the worlds of fine art with mathematics. Bill Ralph did, with astoundingly beautiful results.

Bill’s been an associate professor of mathematics at Brock University since 1985. His mathematical research began in algebraic topology with the study of exotic homology and cohomology theories and their connections with Banach algebras...Click here for full article...

President & Vice Chancellor

Dr. Jack Lightstone
Our distinction comes from a passion for letting students get past the bounds of academic convention. Beyond our challenging academic programs, Brock provides opportunities for personal and social growth that simply do not exist at larger institutions.

Our innovative faculty and teaching methods infect students with the realization that it matters to develop the whole person. By expanding the definitions of intellectual growth, Brock seeks to produce well-rounded graduates who are not just smart, but who are versatile and aware...Click here for full article...


Rohan Kothari
Second Year, Biological Sciences


Rohan Kothari is an outstanding second-year Biological Sciences student who’s passionate about community service.

Rohan graduated from high school with a nearly flawless 99.7 per cent average, wants to be a doctor and to work on international development. At Brock, he’ll research the part of human cells that affect the aging process...Click here for full article...


Lisa Neville
Master of Earth Sciences candidate


Lisa Neville is as comfortable soaring in the sky as she is researching the Alberta tarsands.

Lisa began her graduate work on Great Lakes water levels, but has added research on the Alberta tar sands, studying which environmental remediation methods are best at letting the shattered ecosystem recover...Click here for full article...


The root of Niagara's prosperity will be training and retaining people with post-secondary education. It's simple -- the western world's economic structure has changed, and the emerging model is based on knowledge.
Those regions and cities that create the infrastructure to link into knowledge-based industries and systems will be best positioned to be competitive in the new economy...Click here for full article...