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Canada is a trading nation. Our standard of living is dependent on strong exports of product and expertise from Canada to the world. And at the same time, technology is making the world a smaller place. That’s why Brock is committed to offering all of our students international learning experiences and opportunities in order to meet this changing world and future economic imperative. Because we cannot send every student outside of Canada as part of their education, in Brock’s 2014 academic plan we have set a goal to double the number of international students attending Brock. By increasing the number of international students, all students at Brock will gain insight from the sharing of cultures and will build linkages to the world.

Application of the global perspective in the business world is central to economic development. Global skills, overseas economic growth and collaborative projects will ensure a healthy economic future for Canada.

That’s why, with your support, the Campaign for a Bold New Brock will create a new facility to house International Services, International Market Development, Brock International and ESL Services.

International students contribute $6.5 billion yearly to the Canadian economy
It’s no surprise the 2010 Ontario budget expressed the government’s interest in increasing the presence of international students on Ontario campuses.

According to a report by Roslyn Kunin and Associates, Inc.: “…international students make a very significant contribution to the Canadian economy, job base and government revenues.” This is one reason why Brock’s academic plan calls for an increase of our international student population to 10 per cent from approximately six per cent.

Also according to the report: “In 2008, international students in Canada spent in excess of $6.5 billion on tuition, accommodation and discretionary spending; created over 83,000 jobs; and generated more than $291 million in government revenue”. This spending was “greater than [Canada’s] export of coniferous lumber and even greater than [Canada’s] export of coal to all other countries.”

Our international students will enrich the campus environment and build relationships that will last a lifetime. They will support future international commerce. Some students will return home with a better global understanding and positive relationship with Canada. Others others will stay and contribute to the Canadian economy.

Canadian student benefit from increased international opportunities
The new International Centre will also benefit Canadian students by providing them with international experiential learning opportunities such as international student exchange experiences, international degree partnerships and international experiential learning programs. Brock currently boasts more than 100 international agreements in more than 45 countries.

English as a second language
In addition to attracting numerous international students interested in studying at Brock, we also draw more than 1,500 international students a year to our English as a Second Language programs, with the majority later entering undergraduate studies at Brock. Although students come from all over the world to study at Brock, at present the majority come from China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea and Latin America.

Facility Details
Reflecting Brock’s commitment to developing both sides of the brain, the centre encompasses an academic and social character. In addition to the classrooms, office areas and research space, the new International Centre houses a student lounge designed for informal learning, study and cultural programming.

Openined in Sept. 2010, the building is located on Brock’s East Campus, across Glenridge Avenue from the main campus, and incorporates green technology, sustainable landscaping, a microclimate-moderated courtyard, water conservation and natural lighting.

The building will house office and meeting space for visiting international faculty and will accommodate frequent visits from foreign government representatives and high-profile delegations from partner universities.

The new International Centre includes the Faculty of Humanities’ Department of Classics and expands the department’s research and teaching space. The department, with a focus on ancient cultures and ancient languages, knows full well the measure of success for internationalization.

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