Graduate and undergraduate bursaries

Graduate and undergraduate bursaries

Money shouldn’t be a barrier for gifted and talented students to attend university and achieve their dreams. Bursaries are created for students who demonstrate financial need, opening doors so students may pursue a university education and change a life for the better.

Double your gift through endowed awards 
Brock’s endowed student awards program helps students meet the ever-increasing cost of pursuing a university education. In this current economy, many students and their families are earning less and borrowing more. At Brock, it costs about $18,000 annually for an undergraduate student living away from home. The costs of not attending, for both students and a country competing in a complex global economy, are much greater.

Ontario Trust for Student Support
To make the most of contributions to student awards, we’re taking advantage of a government-funded matching program, the Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS), that supports Ontario students in financial need. When you support endowed undergraduate and graduate student awards, the Government of Ontario will, at minimum, double the value of the award.

This year’s 2011-12 OTSS goal is $733,446. Although we have until March 31, 2012 to reach it, as of May 31, 2011, Brock has raised $814,181, successfully surpassing our OTSS goal for a fourth year in a row. Thanks to generous supporters, the government of Ontario will match every donated dollar with $1.07, bringing the total to $2.07 for an endowed student award. 


Ontario Graduate Fellowship Program

Due to this incredible success, gifts to the OTSS program may be eligible for matching funds in the future; however,
Brock cannot guarantee any additional matching funds from the current 2011-12 OTSS program. If you’d like to give to
endowed student awards, please consider supporting graduate students through Brock’s second government-funded
matching opportunity — the Ontario Graduate Fellowship Program (OGFP).

The OGFP will match every dollar you donate to Brock’s endowed graduate student awards with $1, bringing the total to $2 for an endowed graduate student award. Awards can be in support of both Canadian and international students in any of the 41 graduate programs at Brock.

With less than $1.4 million to go, we’re well on our way to meeting our graduate student awards target. But we’re not
there yet, and we’re asking for your help.


Morena Bertholds would be happy to assist you in making your gift. Click here to send Morena a message or call 905-688-5550 x5685.

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