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Mentorship Plus

Today’s students will be challenged as citizens of an increasingly global and interactive world. They’ll benefit from the knowledge of those before them by combining best practice and broad-based knowledge to identify and respond to the world’s emerging needs.

The Campaign for a Bold New Brock will support a structured mentorship program to enhance the quality of student learning and prepare an educated workforce for the future.
How it works
Mentorship Plus, a partnership between Career Services and the Office of Alumni Relations, is an exciting new program that helps students through the two major life transitions they experience while at Brock — their transition from high school to university and the transition from university to their career or advanced academic study.
Mentorship Plus is a network of alumni and community mentors that inspires students to become leaders in their chosen fields and contributing members of society.
During their first three years, students both give and receive mentorship. As a result, they gain insights about life values, their new educational environment, and untold principles of success that aren’t necessarily taught in the classroom or found online.
In their fourth year of study, they partner with a Brock alumnus or member of the community. Students begin the next stage of their lives with realistic expectations and strategies to help them succeed.
How your gift will help
Mentorship Plus was launched in Fall 2008. By 2014 Brock plans to expand the program to involve 25 per cent of Brock’s student population, or 4,500 students, and more than 1,100 alumni and community volunteers.
During this time, Brock will invest $1.37 million to provide resources and support the targeted expansion of Mentorship Plus. The investment will provide experienced professional and student personnel to administer the program; support for program participants; technology to enable communication and extend the reach to alumni mentors regardless of geography; and training to provide the tools and strategies to ensure goals are attained.
Those who have benefited from a mentor relationship and understand its value will recognize the importance of investing in Mentorship Plus. 
As time goes on, mentoring often becomes a two-way street and offers benefits to both parties. It’s our hope that Mentorship Plus will build the kind of high impact legacy that will increase the success of students graduating and finding employment after graduation.

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