Donor Relations, Naming and Recognition Policy

Donor Relations, Naming and Recognition Policy

The purpose of this policy is to serve as a set of guiding principles for the Office of Alumni, Development & Donor Relations and other departments at Brock University regarding the stewardship of current and future gifts to the University. This policy is intended to ensure donors’ intentions are honoured, gifts are properly acknowledged in a consistent manner and to clarify the process under which University assets are named.
This Policy applies to donors and donations to Brock University.
The Office of Alumni, Development & Donor Relations supports the University’s strategic priorities by building strong affinity through meaningful and consistent interactions with donors and prospective constituencies, providing opportunity for funding partnerships and contributing to the positive growth of the institution’s reputation by fostering enduring relationships that are beneficial to Brock University.
This policy addresses proper gift acknowledgement including Donor Recognition and stewardship activities and events, fund reporting and the naming of University assets.
Gift Acknowledgement
Donations received by the Office of Alumni, Development & Donor Relations will be recorded in the Alumni and Development database. The University is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of donor information as per the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Policy.
Donor Recognition
Brock University wishes to recognize the generosity and commitment of our donors who support the mission of the University with a gift. Recognition is given on the basis of a single payment gift, a contribution pledged over time, or a documented planned gift to the University, including gifts of private benevolence. Donor Recognition is provided at the time a pledge is received.
Stewardship Activities and Events
In addition to gift acknowledgements, the University may recognize donors through a special event or announcement and on-going donor and stewardship opportunities to strengthen the link between the donor and the institution to build trust, credibility and gratitude through acknowledgement, recognition and accountability.
Gifts to the University shall be reported in a manner consistent with the standards recommended by Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).
Fund Reporting
Brock University will provide donors of endowed funds an annual financial report of their fund. In the case of student awards, information about the award recipient will also be shared.
Naming of Assets
The University can name buildings or other assets in recognition of donations. The University can name buildings or others assets for those who have made significant contributions to the life of the University or the local, national or international communities. Namings will be approved by the Board of Trustees. Donor Recognition for planned gifts (insurance, bequests) is based on the present value of the gift received in the future.
Unless otherwise negotiated, the duration of the naming will be the useful life of the tangible or non-tangible asset. The party for which the asset has been named will be advised of impending change.
Naming will not be approved where, in the judgment of the Board of Trustees, identification with the recognized individual or organization would constitute a significant and continuing challenge to the reputation of the University
An asset will be de-named only by the authority of the Board of Trustees under the following circumstances:
·        Where events or information available subsequent to the approval of the designation means that identification with the designation constitutes a significant and continuing challenge to the reputation of the University, or;
·        Where a donor has failed to meet 100% of the pledge commitment over the agreed pledge period and where there is no satisfactory commitment to revised pledge terms.  In this case, the donor’s gift will be removed from the University’s public donor list.
Fund reporting – fiduciary responsibility of the University to report annually on the financial status of endowed funds.
Donor Recognition – action(s) taken by the University to acknowledge the generosity of the donor.
Donation – voluntary transfer of money or property by a donor to the University by way of benefaction where no material benefit is received by the donor from the University in return.
Donor – any person or organization making a donation to the University.
Pledge – a documented commitment to make a donation within a specific period of time.
Tangible assets *– buildings and parts thereof (e.g., lecture or seminar rooms, laboratories, foyers, lounge areas), equipment, open spaces (e.g., roads, gardens, fields) or other natural spaces or physical improvements.
Non-tangible assets *– academic units (e.g., faculties, departments, schools, institutes, programs, centres, libraries), endowed chairs, lectureships / fellowships / professorships / scholarships or bursaries, events both academic (e.g., lectures, conferences, symposiums) or non-academic (e.g., athletic or extra-curricular events), student services or other services.
*These are examples of University assets but do not comprise a comprehensive list.  
The interpretation and application of this Policy is the responsibility of Office of Alumni, Development & Donor Relations.  Final decisions related to this Policy will be made by the Board of Trustees, where required.
Any policy violations should be brought to the attention of the Executive Director, Alumni, Development & Donor Relations.

Policy owner:

Pamela Shanks

Executive Director, Development and Alumni Relations

Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Authorized by:


Approved by:

Board of Trustees, Strategic Planning Committee

Effective date:

June, 2014

Next review:

June, 2017

Revision history:

Issued - December 1991


September 1993

May 1998

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November 2012

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