Donor Relations Policy

Donor Relations Policy

Category: Office of Advancement
Number: 5.03
Responsibility: Director, Development and Donor Relations
Approval: Board of Trustees
Approval Date: June 24, 2011
Issue Date: Issued Dec 1991 Revised Sept 1993, Revised May 1998, Revised May 2004,
Revised June 2005, Revised June 2011.
Next Review: June 2015

The Office of Development and Donor Relations is responsible for fostering enduring relationships that are mutually beneficial to the donor and Brock University. Through meaningful and consistent interactions with donors and prospective constituencies, the Office of Development and Donor Relations seeks to aid fundraising efforts in building a lifelong relationship.

The Office of Development and Donor Relations is committed to treating donors with respect, gratitude and consideration through the effective use of stewardship and donor relation activities. Responsible for facilitating proper gift acknowledgement, fund reporting, donor appreciation activities and events, donor recognition and stewardship activities, we seek to acknowledge, inform and engage donors in the life of the University.

The purpose of this policy is:

  • To acknowledge donors for contributions in a timely and appropriate manner and establish a consistent means of recognizing donors.
  • To encourage further donations on an on-going basis through continued recognition and stewardship.
  • To clarify the University’s administrative policies that impact donors.

Brock’s Donor Relations Policy governs all interactions with donors as set forth here. This policy applies equally to all gifts and partnerships to Brock University, the Brock University Foundation and the Friends of Brock University (a public foundation incorporated in the USA).

The Office of Development and Donor Relations is responsible for donor relations including the administration of advancement policies and the recognition of donor support. Faculties/Departments are encouraged to engage in the donor relations process but all proposals to recognize donors must be reviewed with the Director, Development and Donor Relations or designate to ensure consistency with University policy.

The Board of Trustees has delegated the investment of all endowment gifts to the Endowment Fund Investment Committee. This committee operates in accordance with the Endowment Fund Investment Policy and the Trust and Endowment Management Policy.

While all gifts are welcome, the University issues business receipts, gift in kind receipts and charitable tax receipts for only those gifts that meet the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) definition of a charitable donation. Some gifts may not be accepted by the University. CRA's donation eligibility criteria and the circumstances under which a gift may not be accepted are outlined in the Donation Policy.

Recognition at a particular level is given on the basis of a single payment gift, a contribution pledged over time, or a documented planned gift to the University, including gifts of private benevolence. Donor recognition policies are applied at the time a pledge is signed, regardless of the form of gift. The level of recognition is based on the fair market value of the gift. Gift valuation policies are outlined in the Donation Policy.

All donations received by the Office of Development and Donor Relations will be recorded, regardless of size, to ensure a comprehensive database of names and addresses of University donors. Charitable tax receipts may not be issued below a nominal level, unless specifically requested.

The Office of Development and Donor Relations will maintain the confidentiality of donor records beyond public reporting requirements. This confidentiality policy extends to all University staff and volunteers who may require access to these records in performance of their duties. The University has adopted a Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Policy that addresses confidential donor and other information.

Donor recognition levels will be applied consistently. The Advancement, Community Relations and Research Committee of the Board will review these levels, periodically, as needed.

Brock University Accountability to Supporters
To ensure that Brock University merits the respect, trust and confidence of the University’s alumni and friends, we declare that all supporters have the following rights:

  • To be informed of Brock’s mission and vision, and the way in which their gift will fulfill the mission and vision while meeting the supporter’s philanthropic intentions.
  • To be advised of the membership of the various boards and committees that govern Brock and to expect the Board of Trustees to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.
  • To have access to Brock’s most recent financial statements and investment policies.
  • To be assured that their gift is used effectively for the purposes specified by the supporter, or where such purposes are no longer practicable or appropriate, that the University promises to remain as true as possible to the supporter’s original intentions and stipulations.
  • To receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition for their generosity.
  • To expect that their request for anonymity is strictly observed.
  • To expect that all information about their support or intended support is handled with professionalism, respect and confidentiality and in a manner equal and above that required by law.
  • To be provided with prompt, truthful and forthright answers about any aspect of their gift.
  • To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers or employees of Brock University.
  • To have the opportunity for their names to be removed from mailing lists.
  • To be assured that any personal information is used solely for the purposes of furthering Brock University’s dialogue with the supporter about the University and its students.

This statement was developed from donor rights outlined by Imagine Canada, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).






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